Introducing Stretch

Making it Easy for One Ad to Rule Any Screen

ResponsiveAds' mobile-first HTML5 creative technology lets you create & deploy dynamic advertisements that fluidly STRETCH™ cross-screen.

  • Enable premium, engaging ads that fit spaces better.
  • Focus on one programmatic creative. Eliminate the hassle of different sizes and ad tags.
  • Solve your mobile-ad sales strategy by unifying your online advertising approach.
  • Use rich media HTML5 Responsive Ads that perform up to 20x better than standard Banner Ads.
  • Take advantage of data-driven creative optimization for all screens to maximize your results.
  • Leverage A/B design strategies to develop the best creatives.

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Reimagining the ‘Perfect Ad Creative’

The standard banner ad is dying, and ad tech is stuck inside a box. ResponsiveAds is the easy-to-use solution for programmatic, direct, and native advertising. Our rich-media creative solutions work across all screens – from smartphones to laptops, and beyond.


Fluid Shape, Infinite Sizes
Responsive design advertising for all screens and perfect utilization of space and fit.
Engagement Focused
A unique open framework. Responsive App Canvas™ for app embeds takes audience engagement to a new level (widgets, forms, social feeds and apps, maps, sensors, geo-targeting, games, coupons, e-commerce, etc…)
Dynamic Optimization
A data-driven real-time cloud delivery system for the right creative at the right time.
Premium or Native
Chameleon-like for a native design and fit, or awesomely beautiful for that luxury brand.
Platform Agnostic
The ad-rendering engine for everything. Designed for a future-friendly approach – from web browsers to mobile apps -- in the Internet-of-Things era.
Cutting-Edge Technology
State-of-the-art integration of HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, typography, and rich media (best-in-class HTML5 video and advanced animation)

Introducing Narrator Studio

The leading self-serve cloud web app to easily produce pixel-perfect HTML5 Responsive Ads with your existing workflow

An easy-to-use tool so anybody can create Responsive Ads.

Non-technical users can use templates, while designers can input standard Photoshop (.psd) files.  Just one click to publish to the cloud and deploy in real time. Re-publish again, and no tag changes are required.

Compatible and certified with existing ad server systems.

We make it all work – from Doubleclick (DFP, DFA) to OpenX to AdTech to Adzerk and Xaxis, or your specific solution.

Produce one creative in unlimited formats and infinite sizes.

From standard IAB sizes to Rising Star formats, ResponsiveAds brings the world’s most complete responsive varieties with STRETCH ™ ads.

Automatically works across all browsers and mobile apps.

There are fallbacks for older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and we have advanced rendering for modern browsers and mobile app SKDs.

See results!  You can truly create cross-screen brand story-telling ads that drive revenue and are responsive to screen, user and context

3 simple steps to create your deployment-ready "one-ad tag"

Eliminate creating separate mobile, tablet, desktop, etc… ad creatives.


Set up by ...

uploading a PSD (Adobe Photoshop) design file, select from our gallery of templates or your custom templates.

Anybody can set up and design cross-screen HTML5 ads in minutes


Layout or design using either ...

Studio Mode
(for designers and more advanced users)
or Template Mode
(anybody, e.g. media planner, ad ops or marketing manager)


Lastly ...
one place to handle all of your project tasks
(manage, track history, preview,
approve, share, review, edit notes,
optimize, set up trackers,
visualize analytics snapshots,
publish, and deploy as ad tag(s) for any ad server).

With all of these features and much more ...

Design Elements & Widgets

Add images, buttons, carousels, video, social media icons, and keep track of the exact load size of your ads (e.g. 150 KB).

Custom HTML Widget Editor

Responsive App Canvas™ feature: Add maps, social media apps, HTML5 apps, and more, to your ads.

Basic CSS Animation

Have your ads animate from mobile to desktop. Even set up these animations to work in templates.

Create Fallbacks

Your ads will work even on obscure browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Develop Custom Formats

Create different ad sizes at different breakpoints with different transitions.

Creative Management

From duplication to creating your own reusable template, have complete control over your creatives.

Freely Add Custom JS and CSS

Incorporate your own code using our design editor.

Advanced Typography

Use fonts from Google and our premium foundry partners (premium fonts included). Directly upload your web font kits seamlessly.

More Features

Unified Analytics

Finally, measure and track your cross-screen results.

Real-time (hourly) analytics that include viewabilty and all interactions


Strong track record of 1000s of Responsive Ad campaigns

directly through our full-service offer and our self-serve basic platform

ResponsiveAds is always looking for advanced technology solutions and services to bring added value for our customers for STRETCH™ and Narrator™Studio.

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ResponsiveAds is always looking for partners that can help us grow the market and join our community.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate and earning revenue, or a reseller to create, own, and support customers for your specific market, please sign up, and tell us more, or email us:

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If you are interested in becoming part of our early release program, beta-UI testing, design feedback, innovative concept testing or even supporting us with production and pilots, please let us know.  In certain cases for brand pilots and cross-screen ad-serving certification, we are willing to completely waive costs. This includes any unreleased trial formats on your Responsive site launch.

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We bleed innovation!
ResponsiveAds is constantly working with partners to developing many different widgets and templates for STRETCH™ and Narrator™ Studio.  We are very interested in bringing your plug-ins, apps or JavaScript technology into the product with a revenue sharing model.  If you have an HTML5 web application or technologies that could be incorporated into Responsive App Canvas™ please contact us to learn more.

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