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Responsive ad campaign for George by Asda…Responsive to Weather

Asda has unveiled a weather responsive ad campaign for its George brand, featuring digital advertising banners which respond immediately…

ResponsiveAd‘s insight:

When we think of Responsive Ads,  we do not think of them as only responsive to the device size and shape as in Responsive Web Design, but responsive to the context of places, things and times around you.  Weather just happens …

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Facebook’s Phone Could Mean FREE Cell Phone Minutes? User Opt-in Mobile Advertising?

Responsive Advertising
There has been a long promise of the FREE model…. but it must be powered by Advertising?  There was Blyk that tried to do it…..
Then Google launched Android as the FREE open OS that created much debate,
It there now a shift further that — “Carriers should be worried. They could become nothing more than “dumb pipes.”  Business Insider

ResponsiveAds  insight:

It was …

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PRESS RELEASE: ResponsiveAds™ Launches New Responsive Web Design Display Banner Advertising Service

Today we are making our STRETCH(tm) product available for private-beta!  Here is the release….. we love connected moments and we wanted to memorialize 12/12/12 @12:12!
Now available in private beta, STRETCH™ offer enables publishers, agencies and brands to effectively run the same ad creative in different configurations across desktop, smartphones and tablets.
NEW YORK, NY, December 12, 2012 –ResponsiveAds, Inc. today announces …

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