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Natural Time To Rethink The Banner?

In a great article in the Mediapost,  they highlight some great points around the banner.
1) Think beyond creative
Changing creative standards time and again is not enough, no matter how rich the media is. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Over the years, we have gone from static banners to animated GIFs, to …

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(Screen) Size Matters: Is Responsive Web Design the Solution for Changing Screen Size Use?

People are increasingly using larger screens at home and work, and more and more people are replacing laptops with tablets. These changes illustrate how important it is for publishers to embrace Responsive Web Design and Responsive Advertising solutions.
According to a report from research firm IDC, sales of desktop and laptop PC computers dropped a dramatic 14 percent in the first …

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune goes Programmatic… is it working?

The Minneapolis newspaper is a publisher that has embraced the world of automated ad buying.

ResponsiveDaily‘s insight:

This seems to be the growing trend for publishers that can not maintain their ad sales teams.  They have found a balance and leveraged the private marketplace to do so.
“Programmatic for me becomes a way for me to capture brand and direct-response dollars while still …

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Is Native Advertising Blurring the Line Between Content and Advertising?

On March 26, Paul Adams (@Padday), global head of brand design at Facebook, sent out this tweet:

There is no difference between content and advertising. Advertising IS content. Some of it is great, some of it isn't. That's it.
— Paul Adams (@Padday) March 26, 2013

This post triggered a controversial discussion on Twitter over whether all content is advertising or all advertising …

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Should Publishers Implement Facebook Exchange?

While the majority of advertisers still have not used FBX, the social network’s real-time bidding exchange for serving retargeted ads, data shows Facebook is taking an ever-greater share of these impressions.
See on
Facebook Exchange (FBX), the real-time bidding platform that launched in 2012, partners with retargeting companies such as AdRoll to let advertisers purchase and deliver retargeting impressions on Facebook.
AdRoll …

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Why is ResponsiveAds the Answer for Native Advertising?

For most — including the Atlantic, Politico, Gannett and others — it’s about fitting the ad into the site experience.

ResponsiveAds‘ insight:

What is native advertising, and what does it mean for publishers? Digiday recently asked publishers for their definitions of “native advertising.” Answers ranged from – it’s still being defined to creating an advertising experience that doesn’t disrupt what the user …

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Real Time + Real World + Real Ads (Relevant) = Responsive Advertising

In a recent article in Mediapost by Joe Mandese titled “Real Time + Real World = Real World Retargeting” , he talks about what happens  when real-time marketing meets the real world….. he is not just talking about mobile, which is an obvious means of serving ads to people based on their geographic proximities, he is talking about good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar.

 “Ninety-two …

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Responsive Web Design: Opportunities and Challenges

” For those applications that are best served by presenting all of the same content to users regardless of device, responsive design is the best way we currently have to accomplish it. Responsive design does require a fundamental change in the design/development process for many organizations, but should—in the end—provide a better customer experience.
Responsive design does, however, bring its own …

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Responsive Ads Should Respond in Real Time

Mobilizing nimbly for events like the Super Bowl is one challenge, but building teams to efficiently create content is another.
“I think this speaks to the need to systematize [brands’] social content creation,” said Noah Brier, CEO of Percolate. “They’re not going to need to tweet every single moment, but for the big ones they’re going to need to be able …

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