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(Screen) Size Matters: Is Responsive Web Design the Solution for Changing Screen Size Use?

People are increasingly using larger screens at home and work, and more and more people are replacing laptops with tablets. These changes illustrate how important it is for publishers to embrace Responsive Web Design and Responsive Advertising solutions.
According to a report from research firm IDC, sales of desktop and laptop PC computers dropped a dramatic 14 percent in the first …

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Should Publishers Implement Facebook Exchange?

While the majority of advertisers still have not used FBX, the social network’s real-time bidding exchange for serving retargeted ads, data shows Facebook is taking an ever-greater share of these impressions.
See on www.emarketer.com
Facebook Exchange (FBX), the real-time bidding platform that launched in 2012, partners with retargeting companies such as AdRoll to let advertisers purchase and deliver retargeting impressions on Facebook.
AdRoll …

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Responsive Web Design: Opportunities and Challenges

” For those applications that are best served by presenting all of the same content to users regardless of device, responsive design is the best way we currently have to accomplish it. Responsive design does require a fundamental change in the design/development process for many organizations, but should—in the end—provide a better customer experience.
Responsive design does, however, bring its own …

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Senator Rockefeller’s ‘Do Not Track’ Campaign

“Online companies are collecting massive amounts of information, often without consumers’ knowledge or consent…My bill gives consumers the opportunity to simply say ‘no thank you’ to anyone and everyone collecting their online information. Period.”
— Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va.

ResponsiveAds’ insight:

Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia is re-introducing the Do Not Track Act, which would mandate online companies to ask consumers …

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Responsive Advertising = Native Advertising + Scale

“Perhaps the definition of scale is the quality of advertising produced and the impact of the experience. Native means premium, which means cost. It’s not about getting a deal. Those that position themselves this way are going to charge more and perhaps rightfully so.” — Appssavvy CEO Chris Cunningham

ResponsiveAds’ insight:

“What is native advertising?” Responsive advertising minus scale.
Believe it or not, …

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Mozilla’s Firefox OS game changing for Mobile and the HTML5 Responsive Web

Mozilla previewed the first commercial build of its Firefox OS and announced several operator and smartphone rollout plans on Sunday at Mobile World Congress.  See on www.computerworlduk.com
What makes this such an amazing discussion is that now more then a dozen mobile operators and the a variety of major manufactures such as LG, Huawei are bringing this product to market.  It is the …

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4 Ways Publishers Can Convince Advertisers That HTML5 Responsive Ads are a Better Value

Recently, in some of our customer implementations we were able to see several clear ways for publishers to communicate the value proposition to their advertisers.
When publishers with direct sales switch their websites to responsive design, they need to create – or have created — HTML5 responsive ads for businesses and media buyers. Those advertisers are going to need to be …

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BBC Integrates Responsive Design into Mobile Sites

BBC World Service has launched new mobile sites for Indonesia and BBC Hausa, which both come sporting responsive design. The technology detects the screen size of the device the user is browsing from, with the page then adapting accordingly to ensure one size fits all.

ResponsiveAds insight:

Mashable called 2013 The Year of Responsive Design, and it truly is. BBC is continuing …

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Getting Google AdSense to work in Responsive Web Designed sites

In accordance to the holiday spirit we just made this free and open tool available to enable Google AdSense in Responsive Web Sites.
As many of our sign-ups have been asking for a way to fill their remnant inventory with Google AdSense in addition to running their own responsive ad creatives, we decided to create a simple tool to bundle your different …

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PRESS RELEASE: ResponsiveAds™ Launches New Responsive Web Design Display Banner Advertising Service

Today we are making our STRETCH(tm) product available for private-beta!  Here is the release….. we love connected moments and we wanted to memorialize 12/12/12 @12:12!
Now available in private beta, STRETCH™ offer enables publishers, agencies and brands to effectively run the same ad creative in different configurations across desktop, smartphones and tablets.
NEW YORK, NY, December 12, 2012 –ResponsiveAds, Inc. today announces …

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