Asda has unveiled a weather responsive ad campaign for its George brand, featuring digital advertising banners which respond immediately…


ResponsiveAd‘s insight:

When we think of Responsive Ads,  we do not think of them as only responsive to the device size and shape as in Responsive Web Design, but responsive to the context of places, things and times around you.  Weather just happens to be one of those things that gets very interesting when we think of how Responsive Ads go “Native”

We really believe that Responsive Advertising and Native Advertising are one  in the same thing with Responsive Advertising covering more of the scope of scalability and cross-platform strategies.

Stay tuned as ResponsiveAds brings more and more products and services to the market that leverages real-time context and native advertising formats.

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  • Joana Ferreira

    This is very true, and something that we have been working with for a long time here at Fast Web Media. We built weatherFIT- a tool that controls online advert output based on real-time weather- and have used it on numerous clients, such as Bravissimo and Pepperberry, which resulted in great ROI from PPC. We definitely recommend harnessing the power of the weather!

    • Matt

      Joana, thanks for the comment. would very much like to take the conversation further!