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New York Times can reinvent its future, The Story-Telling of Snow Fall

“Blame my enteprenurial tendencies, but when I was experiencing Snow Fall, all I could see was stunning brand-advertising opportunities, that went beyond the dumb, commoditized advertising the Times is forced to put on its website. Why not embed a tasteful Land Rover ad or throw in one for Moncler? That is native advertising that actually allows organziations like the Times …

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Is Native Advertising Blurring the Line Between Content and Advertising?

On March 26, Paul Adams (@Padday), global head of brand design at Facebook, sent out this tweet:

There is no difference between content and advertising. Advertising IS content. Some of it is great, some of it isn't. That's it.
— Paul Adams (@Padday) March 26, 2013

This post triggered a controversial discussion on Twitter over whether all content is advertising or all advertising …

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